A-1 Concrete Leveling – Repairing Sunken Sidewalks and Driveways

If there are any sloped concrete walkways, driveways or even patios on the property, this can cause tripping and make it look old. It’s tempting ignore this unsightly problem, but it is important to get it fixed before it gets out of control. Concrete leveling is a practical, affordable way to raise sunken or uneven concrete and combat long-term damage.

Sunken Sidewalk Repair

Concrete lifting (or slab jacking) is the process that fills voids below sunken concrete by using hydraulic force. We use patented pumping technology to drill small holes into which a concrete-safe, limestone-based foam can be injected. This foam expands rapidly, filling voids underneath the slab. It then lifts it to its original position. The result is a stable and strong surface that is safe to walk on.

This method of Sidewalk Repair concrete is more cost-effective and faster than pouring fresh concrete. Plus, this method aims to fix the underlying problem of the sinking cement rather than just covering the area with new concrete.

Many homeowners are shocked to learn that they could save thousands of pounds by opting for concrete leveling rather than having the concrete entirely replaced. A replacement may be attractive, but it isn’t always practical in terms of your budget or the structural integrity your home. Fortunately, today’s technology offers a better alternative that is just as effective but a lot more affordable and convenient. Call A-1 for concrete leveling.

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