A Tote Mixer Multi Axis Drum Roller Can Also Be Used To Blend Your Liquids Safely

If you have multiple reasons to use a Tote Mixing Motor, you can pick a variety of features to suit your requirements. The Pulsair IBC Tote Mixer is an excellent example of this type of mixer. It comes with the 1.7 horsepower GAST air motor and a 6” flanged cap. The 1-10″ and 1-12″ mixing blades are mounted on a 3/4-inch stainless steel shaft to provide greater mixing efficiency and safety.

IBCs are commonly used to transport and store liquids. The Tote Mixer is an instrument that blends and agitates these materials. It is a great option for mixing viscous liquids and high-settled solids. It is incredibly simple to use. Simply attach the agitator and start mixing! You can also make use of a pizza box as a mixing container. Once the ingredient is placed in the container and it is filled with the ingredients, the Tote Mixer will automatically mix it for you and then store it safely.

The TL-050T IBC Tote Mixer has an ergonomic handlebar that allows the user to use the mixer while mixing. The mixer comes with the 6″ screw cap. It is ideal to mix low viscosity substances. The motor operates at 1750 RPM and requires a single phase power of 115-volts. The 36-inch mixing shaft connects to a coupler and 3 impellers of heavy-gauge collapsible are connected to set screws.

The INDCO Dynamix Tote Mixer can be used to mix liquids within IBC totes. The agitator models are either direct drive brackets mounted or tote cap mounts driven by gears. These agitators are also suitable for handling materials that have a cubical geometry. Dead spots and viscosity can further hinder the flow of materials. This is why many businesses choose to use an INDCO Tote Mixer.

The Even Mix ™ IBC Tote Mixer is a robust and reliable solution for all mixing needs. Its design features patented mixed flow blade technology that provides uniform distribution throughout the IBC. With its low-RPM mixing system, the Tote Mixer is suitable for many liquids and the user is able to regulate its speed and efficiency. It is light and small in spite of its size.

Tote mixers are also available in an IBC electric version. The company provides a variety of tote mixer models, including 750 gallon IBC tote mixers. The company offers comprehensive engineering assistance and application guidance for all mixers. If you have any concerns about the mixer’s capabilities, you can get in touch with White Mountain Process. White Mountain Process is proud to stand on its products due to its wide range of products.

High-efficiency mixers, also known as Driven Tote Mixers blend thick to thin liquids in tanks or totes. Their hexagonal barrel design is extremely efficient, resulting in repeated batching cycles and better clean-up. They can also handle huge liquids, these units can aid in maximizing the output of your production.

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