Benefits of Using a Trigger Capper

A Trigger Capper is an automated or manual device that seals spray or pump caps. Some trigger caps include an servo drive that enables them to make quick adjustments to the format and have full control over the whole capping process. These machines are ideal for low- to medium-volume production. They can produce anywhere from 400 to 8000 pieces per hour. A trigger capper is also able to make spray caps or pump caps. Trigger caps are available in three kinds including nozzle, automatic or trigger.

TORQ Packaging USA offers trigger caps and in-line fillers. TORQ’s Trigger Cappers complete the multi-step spray bottle with pump container closure. It is the best option for challenging spray bottle applications as it comes with a variety of options and features. Their competitive pricing and global support network make them a fantastic option for any bottle closure application. Here are some benefits of using a trigger capper

TORQ Packaging USA offers trigger cappers that work with existing capping machines as well as inline fillers. These trigger cappers are easy to use and don’t require any additional training. Trigger cappers are an excellent alternative for small-scale businesses since they offer the same precision as higher-end models. They are also less expensive, so you don’t have to purchase a new machine. In addition, they are easy to maintain and require less training than larger models.

The TG-1 Trigger Capper comes with a transporter for caps. It can be fed manually or by an automated dispenser. The mechanism is able to hold the caps in their ideal places, and the roller side capper is designed to improve efficiency. A servo motor will ensure an appropriate torque on each cap, so a trigger capper can be utilized effectively and boost production. These machines can be utilized for many products and are very flexible.

PumpCap(tm) Spinle Capper can tighten any type of pump that include lotion, spray and mist dispensers. It can accommodate any type of cap, including mist, trigger, and foam dispenser pumps. The mechanical cam group provides simple formatting changes and eliminates the necessity of adjusting the closing torque. You can also find a variety options for trigger cappers that make your job much easier. The PumpCap is among the most popular trigger cappers on the market today.

Vanguard Chucks have ergonomic advantages over hand-held capping machines. Standard chucks require an inner liner to hold caps. This can damage the caps and cause costly downtime. An ALANTRA Automatic Air Pump and Trigger Nozzle Capping Machine provides an easy changeover in as little as 20 minutes, which increases productivity while also allowing remote monitoring and diagnostics. The ALANTRA Automatic Pump and Trigger Nozzle Capping Machine provide a variety of features, including a SECOMA 1139 modem to monitor remotely.

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