Bounce Houses Are A Great Way To Keep Kids Engaged And Entertained For Hours On End

Bounce House Rentals in New Orleans are one of the most requested activities for events and social gatherings. These inflatables can be rented for one event or blocks of time. The typical bounce house rental is $30 to $50 for an hour and $125-$285 for an entire day. For larger units, prices could reach as high as $500 per day.

In addition to jumping castles, bounce house rentals also come with a host of alternatives, like slides or obstacle courses, and more. Many rental companies offer packages that include one large inflatable and several smaller inflatables. These packages are ideal for large-scale events. They are also frequently discounted, which means you could save a few dollars on the rental of a bounce house. To learn more about available packages, call the rental company and ask.

Rental companies will set up and deliver up your inflatable bounce house. They are fully insured and adhere to all safety standards. They can also provide set-up and tear-down services. You can choose the size of the bounce house that best suits your party’s theme. Some companies also rent bounce house combos and carnival games. Inflatables are a great option to make your event memorable, no matter if it’s a birthday celebration or family reunion.

A bounce house rental is an excellent way to boost your profits. Children of all ages enjoy playing, sliding and jumping in a bounce house. It doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday celebration, corporate event, or a kids’ birthday party, you’ll find the perfect inflatable for your next celebration. Jumping Bean Party Rental in Albany NY provides bounce house rentals and other inflatable party accessories. You can choose between water slide, jumping, or obstacle course bounce houses.

You can break whenever you want, and the bounce house will still be there when you’re ready to return. As an added benefit, they’re a lot cheaper than going to an amusement park.

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