How To Determine If Your Concrete Slab Needs Leveling

It is possible to have your concrete slab leveled if it is sinking. Sinking concrete can cause many problems, such as shifting furniture and uneven walkways or driveways. It can also cause cracks in your brickwork or your driveway. There are a variety of options for concrete leveling. Here are some methods to determine whether your concrete slab needs leveling.

Professionals: Calling a professional leveling firm is the first step in getting your concrete floor level.  Concrete Leveling Contractors Akron  can assess the concrete slab and provide you an estimate. Depending on the size of your needs it is possible to employ a contractor carry out the work.

Self-leveling overlay: The self-leveling foam is available in a 50-pound bag at $35. It is sprayed over existing concrete and dries to create an even surface. However, this method does not fix the issue beneath the concrete. In time the concrete could sink or form a dip again.

Self-leveling compound: This self-leveling compound can be applied with the trowel or broom. In just a few hours, it will result in a level surface. After the compound has dried, the area is ready for foot traffic and rubber wheel traffic. If you have a significant difference in height, you may need to apply more than one layer of self-leveling compounds.

Concrete leveling is costly. The costs involved will vary based on the amount of work involved as well as the size of the gap, and the size of the gap or void. Concrete leveling experts will have a specific “toolbox” of materials they can use. Professionals, unlike novices, will choose the best materials to meet your specific needs.

Concrete leveling products range between $10 and $50 per square feet. Based on the brand size, size, and formula, these products vary widely. Some are dry mixes while others require water for the slurry to be put in. Some are also sold in pre-mixed tubes. Concrete leveling products can be directly injected into holes or cracks.

Concrete leveling is a great solution for cracked or sunken concrete slabs. It is an affordable alternative to replacing the entire slab. This procedure can be performed at private homes, small-scale warehouses and businesses as well as airports. This method can save money on driveway replacements as well as reduce the risk of slipping. It is also quick and requires only a short amount of downtime.

Another method of leveling concrete involves using a cementitious blend called self-leveling cement. This type of concrete is much simpler to pour and set faster than conventional concrete. Self-leveling concrete is typically used for basements and business spaces. The cementitious material fills any crevices or cracks in the floor to create a smooth surface. It can also be used as a subsurface to other resilient flooring products.

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