Ice Axe – A Tool That Climbers Use

Ice Axe: A tool that climbers use

An ice axe is a long double-headed tool with a pick and adze (or hammer on an ice tool) on opposite ends. They are typically made of steel alloy and come in a variety of designs however they can also be made from carbon-fiber or fiberglass.

There are two types of ice axes: general mountaineering and technical models for ice climbing. The latter are designed to take on icy, steep sections in a variety of environments, including mixed terrain, alpine rock, and glacier terrain.

General mountaineering Buying Your First Ice Axe are generally longer than technical ice-climbing models and feature a slightly curved shaft to increase the range of motion and enhance ergonomics. A recurve pick is also an option. This means that the point is designed to bite into frozen ice instead.

They may also feature spikes on the base of the head to penetrate harder and solid ice as well as a slender adze. They can be used for a variety of tasks, such as stability and safety when walking up or down steep slopes as a self-arrest device and as a brake when glissading, and to remove snow anchors in the event that you have to rappel down a slope.

They’re usually a little lighter than traditional ice axes for climbing, though they still have to be strong enough to withstand the rigors of extreme conditions and steep icy slopes. They often feature a place to attach a leash which makes it easier to hold on them in the event of a fall and to keep them on the user’s hand when not in use.

Hybrid ice-axes give climbers the best of both worlds. They can be used both as a self-arrest tool and a technical climbing tool. They feature a slightly curved shaft and a recurve pick that can be more comfortable for use in basic situations however they are strong enough to handle the most difficult, technical routes on ice.

Grivel is a trusted manufacturer of outdoor gear. Their G Zero ice axe fits perfectly into the mold. It’s an extremely durable, reliable and efficient choice for climbers who must be secure on the trail. It is made in Italy and comes with a wide selection of options.

The ice ax is a fantastic tool for outdoor activities and it should be in your backpack, ready when you need it. It can save your life when you need it most So, make sure you practice using your ice axe properly before heading out into the mountains.

How to Use Your Ice Axe If You Really Need It

First, grab your ice axe using both hands. Then, you should hold it by the shaft and head. The head should be in the “self-arrest” position and your fingers should be wrapped around the adze. Once you’ve completed this you can use the adze to chop away at the ice and the head to scoop the ice to the bottom of your feet.

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