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Moscarino Landscape + Design use their skills and knowledge to improve the outdoor environments of homes and businesses. They install and maintain lawns, trees, shrubbery, flowers and other greenery, as well as create outdoor spaces for relaxing or entertaining. Some landscapers offer landscaping design services, while others focus on lawn care and maintenance. They may also specialize in a specific area, such as water gardening or garden design. The best landscaping companies in New York provide a wide range of services to meet customers’ needs.

Landscape contractors often work with architects, designers and other professionals to develop detailed plans for outdoor spaces. They may also handle construction projects and provide maintenance services, such as mowing, fertilization and pesticide application. They are often licensed and insured and have a minimum of an associate degree in the field. Some have bachelor’s or master’s degrees in landscape architecture.

While some homeowners take on the role of landscaper themselves, many turn to professional landscapers for help with their yard. Landscaping is not an easy task; it requires attention to detail and a keen eye for design. It’s important to find a reliable landscaping company with a good reputation, excellent customer service and a reasonable price point.

A good landscaper can enhance a property’s curb appeal and raise its value. In addition to mowing, pruning and weeding, they can provide soil testing and mulch installation, sod laying and pesticide application. They can even create paver patios and walkways and install outdoor lighting to illuminate walkways and gardens.

In addition to mowing, fertilization and weeding, a good landscaper can prune trees and bushes, reseed grass, mulch and remove invasive plants and debris. They can also install retaining walls, plant and tree care, and provide irrigation system installation and drainage management. They can even prepare and test soil to ensure nutrient deficiencies are addressed.

An agronomist is an expert in the health of crops and soil. Landscaping companies employ agronomists to identify and treat plant diseases, control insects and prevent pest infestations. They determine the soil type and acidity, assess the nutrient content of vegetation and recommend appropriate fertilizers.

When hiring a landscaping company, it is important to ask about its licensing and insurance coverage. It is also a good idea to check if it will be using herbicides and insecticides, and whether it follows safe pesticide handling practices. If these are used, a landscaper should be able to show a copy of their material safety data sheets.

Founded in 1989, Borst Landscape & Design is a full-service landscaping company that serves residential and commercial clients in northern New Jersey. The company offers landscape design, build and maintenance services, as well as organic lawn care, garden design and maintenance, and mosquito, flea and tick control. The company also performs outdoor lighting installation and masonry work. The company’s website includes a photo gallery and details on its services. It also features testimonials from previous clients. A free consultation is available.

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