The Single Head Capper Can Be Operated With Just One Hand

The Single Head Capper is a type of automatic capping machine that applies caps to bottles and other containers. The machine is equipped with an incline head that picks up the cap from its maxine, and then moves it into an capping station. Based on the machine and the configuration, it can apply up to 40 caps per minute.

This machine can be used to apply closures made of metal or plastic to glass containers. They can be used for laboratory and experiment purposes. The machine is equipped with a protective tracking system and comes with a PLC program for high-speed and high-efficiency capping. To guard the lid and cap from damage and minimize the necessity to change tools the clutch is also included.

The magnet is used to secure the cap to the container. The cap and the container are then sealed using steam. The front of the machine is controlled by a handle as well as a cam which raises and lowers it.

Single Head Cappers can be easily adjusted to fit different sizes of bottles. Wisla capping machines can accommodate up to four bottles at a time. Based on customer feedback the Wisla monobloc was developed by redesigning existing capping machines. The most advanced technology of the day allows it to provide more precise movements, as well as an attractive design.

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