Why It Is Important to Retain a Title IX Defense Lawyer

Title IX prohibits all forms of rape, discrimination and harassment based on pregnancy or sexual orientation in schools, colleges and educational programs that are funded by the federal government. Title IX, unlike other civil rights legislation that only protects certain groups, includes all students regardless their race, ethnicity, nationality and economic status. Title IX does not only protect against sex based discrimination but also requires schools to investigate any reports of sexual assault or harassment promptly.

If you’ve been accused of Title IX violations, it’s important to hire a Title IX Lawyer as soon possible. A good lawyer can ensure you get a fair trial and that your rights will not be violated at any point in the process.

A Title IX Lawyer Normal will be familiar with the specific Title IX procedures at your school as well as all relevant state and federal statutes, rules, and regulations. An experienced lawyer will also be familiarized with the Title IX procedure at your institution and know the type of evidence that investigators would want to gather so as to build up a strong case in your favor.

A New York Title IX attorney will also be able examine the policies of your school to ensure they are compliant with Title IX regulations. This includes the Code of Student Conduct, as well as any handbooks or guidebooks that may be relevant. For example, a lawyer can search for any definitions or descriptions of sexual misconduct.

A qualified attorney will help you with the emotional and practical complexities of a Title IX claim. For example, an attorney can help you decide whether to waive your confidentiality and work with the accuser to reach a mutually agreeable resolution. In some instances, this may be the only way to prevent a negative public effect or to ensure you are treated fair.

A lawyer can also help you challenge the interim measures often implemented during Title IX hearings and investigations. These can hinder your participation in social activities such as fraternities and sororities, academics, and athletics. You can even appeal an expulsion decision from your school with the assistance of an attorney.

A lawyer can also help you challenge any evidence presented by the complainant at the hearing. Title IX hearings follow a preponderance-of-the evidence standard. This is different from criminal justice’s burden of proving innocence. An experienced attorney will help you to prepare a strong argument that will raise suspicions about the complaint. This will increase your chances for a successful case outcome.

Contact Tamara Holder to learn if you’re facing Title IX charges. She will listen to your story, and then provide you with an in-depth evaluation of your case. She may be able work with you on contingency so that you do not have to pay out of pocket for an attorney.

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